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Sunday News Shows 9.23.12

While republican pundits David Brooks and Joe Scarborough were ripping their candidate, Obama supporter, mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed, spoke calmly, eloquently, and confidently in support of Obama. I had never heard him speak before today, and I think he was the star of the day. The contrast was striking. It was one more piece of evidence of how the Obama campaign is surging and Romney is imploding in the last month and a half before the election.

Sunday News Shows, 9/16/12

The news shows today were focused on the middle east and the week of unrest there. It was a bad week for the U.S. in the middle east, as we had our consulate in Ben Gazi, Libya, overrun by a well- armed gang who killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya, along with 3 other people. For any country, having an ambassador killed due to a hostile attack is a very serious matter. For the U.S., right before a presidential election, it becomes even more significant.

Paducah Symphony opens season

Kristi and I got tickets for the opening of the new season for the Paducah Symphony. The concert was featuring Jeffrey Biegel, who played "Rhapsody in Blue," George Gershwin's famous composition which, according to symphony director Ponti, had "one foot in Tin Pan Alley and one foot in Carnegie Hall." Pretty good and creative statement about the piece.

Sunday News Shows, 09/09/12

Actually it's been a whole week of politics, with the democratic convention followed by the Sunday News Shows. Meet the Press followed up the democrats by what has to be described as a pretty rare interview with Mitt Romney.

Sunday News Shows, 9.2.12

I watched all the weekend news shows, which, as you might well expect, talked about whether or not Romney had helped himself substantially with the week of republican national convention, ending with Romney's acceptance speech. The general feeling was that, yes, he had helped himself. But, there also seemed to be a general feeling that it was doubtful that it had been enough to sway the election.

Isaac, republicans, Obama, and the rest

I have to say that I have mixed feelings about the fact that hurricane Isaac has bypassed Florida to the west and is heading north towards me. I want it to make it up here and give us some rain. And I am glad that it missed my mom in southwest Florida - she had enough hurricane trauma when hurricane Charley veered offcourse at the last minute and destroyed a swath of unprepared Florida, including her home. It's hard enough for the elderly to just live, let alone have to put up with that.

Akin and politics

In the weeks leading up to the Missouri republican primary, candidates ran TV ads on WPSD, the NBC affiliate out of Paducah, which we get on our antennae. It was quite a primary campaign. It even featured Sarah Palin - and not for Akin - for a female candidate that campaigned as being more conservative than Akin. But Akin won.

Since then, WPSD has aired a few ads either by or on behalf of both candidates. The ads on behalf of Akin try to tie McCaskill to Obama, and the ads on behalf of McCaskill try to protray Akin as being conservative out of the mainstream.

5th Anniversary of first entry in Rural Thoughts

If you open the home page to this blog, you will see a rap about the blog that I wrote on this date, 2007. This was the very first entry in this blog. I don't think I have changed it, although I can't swear to it.

This is somewhere about the 680th entry. It's been primarily a political blog, as I love to think about and get my opinion out there regarding politics. But there have been other things also - photos, reviews, person entries, etc. And there have been columns by other writers, including well known Kentucky writer Berry Craig.

Republicans are reading too much into Walker Recall victory and gambling on Ryan

It is a serious body blow to the public unions in Wisconsin that the campaign to recall Gov. Walker failed. It is the results of that election that lead to the announcement by Mitt Romney today (at least I think) that Paul Ryan is his VP candidate.

It makes me think the GOP have a formula of how carrying Wisconsin could put them over the top in the Electoral college. Maybe so.

Crosby, Stills, and Nash play Paducah

I'm not sure whether we had all been there before, but I certainly felt like I had last night. (actually "last night" was July 28. I have been working on this piece on and off since then). Especially when I thought back to my senior class trip. It must have been June, 1970. The high school class of 1970 for Wesclin HS which at time was located in Trenton, Illinois, had socked away money (wisely I might say) so that we could take a senior class trip.

forest fire near our house ongoing

Last night, as we slept on our screened in porch, we smelled wood smoke. We thought it was weird because of the very serious drought we are in. But, we just thought it was someone in our neighborhood burning a little brush. We didn't really think to call any authorities. But low and behold, this afternoon, here comes this parade of vehicles with fire fighting equipment, including a Forest Service truck with a bulldozer and a couple trucks with full water tanks and an ATV.

Sunday News Shows, 7.22.12

There was one tidbit of a conversation, between democrat strategist Bob Shrum and a republican counterpart, which I thought was poignant. It happened on Meet the Press.

Romney must release tax returns

Romney is making things worse by his wimpy, amateurish response to Obama's questions about his role at Bain capital. His faux outrage, after the republicans have spent the last 3 1/2 years ruthlessly doing everything they can, including such farces as the "birther" controversy, to bring Obama down, rings totally hollow. Mr. Romney is a big boy and he has to know that a presidential campaign is going to bring out everything that is there to bring out.

Presidential campaign: Romney imploding. It was predictable

Although I continue not to have a lot of time to write these days, I do keep up with the news. I have to admit that I have found the last few days of the presidential campaign to be quite comical, in a way that could have been, and was predicted, although the twists and turns of the "facts" again prove that fact is stranger than fiction could ever be.

Meet the Press last Sunday

Since I'm on a roll here and I actually broke the drought of not posting, I thought I'd post one more thing that I think is significant on the Sunday News Show circuit. I heard it last week on MTP in an interview with Nancy Pelosi.

Ms. Pelosi said that she thought and that there was evidence to support that the republican's contempt citation in the house against attorney general Holder was retribution against Holder's suits to block voter suppression laws against poor and minority communities, particularly in the south.

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