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Performing at Bluebird Cafe

We don’t live too far from Nashville. Although We are rural people, and not inclined to love cities, we do like a lot about Nashville. For one thing, it isn’t monstrously big like Chicago, and for two, it truly is Music City. When you got to Nashville, your waitress, your checkout person at the store, even your street person, are probably thinking about writing a hit song. And, you never know where you may encounter a star - in the same restaurant, walking down the street, shopping. There’s an excitement in the air about it all that isn’t in other cities.

LINKS: September 1, 2007

First, now that I have a few minutes to think about this, I want to put some more information about us on this website. I only have the capability to post on the blog at the moment, so I will use the blog to post links to some other places on the web that have material related to Kristi and I. (This is a link to songs of the Rhythm Women and Groove Daddies. We both play in this band. The songs are all original songs of the RWGD)

August 27, 2007: Ding Dong, Gonzales is gone!

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigned today. Why today after so many calls for his resignation? I think, combined with the Rove resignation, that they know that the "other shoe is going to drop" with regard to one or another of the investigations that is closing in on them.

August 26,2007

I just got home from watching Michael Moore's "Sicko" documentary. Michael Moore, as a character in his own movies, isn't my favorite character. His brand of sarcasm and his physical appearance doesn't jive that well with what really gets me going. Nevertheless, he usually hits the nail on the head with the content of his documentaries, and this one is no exception.

Wednesday, August 22, 07

Mitch McConnell, yeah the one that is minority leader of the U.S. Senate was in Paducah today speaking at the Rotary club, which meets every Wednesday in Paducah at the Hotel Irwin Cobb. You can always tell cause there's a lot of suits around the Irwin Cobb on Wednesday around noon.

Democratic Debate yesterday on ABC

Kristi and I watched the Democratic debate yesterday on George Stephanopolous' show on ABC. It was interesting. Kristi and I are regular viewers of Steph's show. We only get network, antenna TV at our place.

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