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First New Entry in a while: Saw Jerry Seinfeld perform live last week

I can't believe that it has been almost a month since I made a post on here. I think that may be the longest break in the over 4 years that I have been writing in this blog. A lot of things go into any change. Part of it is adjustment to my new job, which I like, but which takes a lot of energy. Part of it is the heat, which has been incredible, even for the south. Part of it has been that I just needed to take a break. There are other things too.

French Open Finals

Kristi and I watched the men's French Open tennis finals today. The match was between Djokovic, the number one men's player in the world at the moment, and Nadal, the number 2 player. However, Nadal has dominated the French Open, played on clay courts, for the last 7 years. In fact, if Nadal wins, it will be his 7th French Open championship, more than anyone else. Djokovic, on the other hand, has the chance to win a consecutive Grand Slam, something only a couple of players have ever done.

Glen Campbell family show very emotional

Kristi and I ushered for the performance of Glen Campbell at the Carson Center in Paducah on May 18. We had missed signing up the first time he was supposed to perform several months before that, but he cancelled that show and rescheduled. We had wondered if he would really perform, as his condition with early alzheimers had been well publicized. But the show was publicized, and by the evening of the 18th, it was still a go. We put on our black pants and white shirt and went to the center. And we are so glad we did!

Sunday News Shows, June 3, 2012

The Sunday News shows focused today on what was described as the "dismal," "terrible," "horrible," "disappointing" and probably other extremely negative terms national monthly employment report for May which came out this week. That report indicated that the economy had only created 69,000 thousand jobs, and that unemployment claims had ticked up a tenth of a percentage point. This dismal, et al, report purportedly sent the stock markets into a tizzy and all of the gains of the year were lost in a Friday sell-off.

Rest in Peace Doc Watson

Doc Watson passed away today. He was in that class of musicians that is in a special class of talent. He was just an incredible instrumentalist. I remember listening to his recordings when I was first learning to play guitar - back when I was in my teens and early 20s. I was just blown away listening, trying to figure out how he moved his fingers that fast. I felt the kind of admiration and astonishment that one feels for heros. That feeling has never gone away.

Last Two Weeks

I haven't posted anything for over two weeks. It's not unprecedented, but it is unusual. But it has been an unusual two plus weeks. The best thing is that I got a new job that I like. But it hasn't been all good. There have been deaths of people that are in my circle of life that I liked. There is a horrible drought here, and a heat wave on top of that.

Sunday News Shows, May 13, 2012

Of course, the top story for the Sunday News Shows was Obama "coming out" in favor of same sex marriage. There was a lot of equivocating about whether or not this was a net negative or net positive for Obama. Pat Buchanan, on McLaughlin Group, said that it was a huge political blunder by the administration that will cost him the election. I think Pat gets carried away with high hopes sometimes.

Obama courageous for coming out in support of same sex marriage

Today, after several days of media focus after VP Biden's statements Sunday about same sex marriage, president Obama made a statement today saying that he now was supporting same sex marriage, not just civil unions.

McLaughlin Group tonight very republican

McLaughlin is letting his republicanism show a little too much. His obvious bias in picking his panels and his comments during the show are detracting from the show and threatening it's credibility. I mean, having Eleanor Clift to sit there and argue against 4 hostile, conservative males is just not right. I thought for awhile that Ms. Clift was too partisan toward the democrats, but I don't think that anymore. I think she is justified in being a little defensive. Come on Mr. McLaughlin. Have a little sense of fairness!

Romney needs to be careful in politicizing China situation

I haven't seen any of the clips, but I've heard on NPR reports that Romney was criticizing Obama for what is happening in China to the blind amateur lawyer activist. I think that Romney should be very careful in where he treads on this, because there is a lot that is very fluid.

Obama's speech tonight on Afghanistan

Kristi and I watched Obama's speech from Afghanistan and about the longer term agreement between Afghanistan and the U.S. I have no idea whether such an agreement can last how many ever years it says - but things seem pretty, um, can I say, fluid over there.

Al and Viv were special people

Today Kristi and I went to visitation to honor the death of Vivian Puckett, a friend of ours. She was 80. Her husband, Al, died maybe 6 or 7 years ago. They were good friends of ours. They spoke truth to power.

Merle Haggard plays Paducah: A Good Vibe from the Stage

Kristi and I ushered at the Carson Center in Paducah for a show of Merle Haggard and the Strangers band last night. This wasn't the first time we had seen perform there - we ushered a show of his maybe 4 years of so ago. One thing is clear as a bell to me, both through my experience country singing and going out to hear music over the years, and that is Paducah is a country music town, and loves Merle Haggard.

More Spring Bird Things

This morning, much to my delight, I heard a Tennessee Warbler, a Wood Thrush, and Black Throated Green Warbler. I unfortunately had to come to town but I'm sure there will be more arrivals today and in the next few days.

More bird things

I looked at past entries I have made in other years, and I guess that maybe it isn't that late this year, although in past years I think that the migration has been a little earlier in past years. And the fact that it has been very warm for a long time makes it odder that this year is later.

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