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more spring things

It sure seems like the "neo-tropical" migrant birds are, all in all, late getting here. There really isn't a lot to report since the last posting I did several days ago. Since then, like 3 and 4 days ago, I heard some great crested flycatchers, but i'm beginning to think that maybe they were just passing through, because, even though I heard them for a couple days, haven't heard them in the last couple days.

Sunday News Shows: Earth Day dead?

"Earth Day" is tomorrow. It has been observed since 1970 and is supposed to be an annual reminder that our impacts on the planet matter. There apparently isn't time to think about that these days - much more important things to report about.

Secret Service problems no surprise to us

Kristi and I actually had an experience with two guys who claimed to be with the secret service way back when that leave us not surprised at all about what is going on with the agency now.

Sunday News Shows, April 15, 2012

It was a better than average day for the news shows, although I wouldn't say that they were great. Meet the Press had a conversation between Rep. Michelle Bachman and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand. Gillibrand let Bachman run over her, either intentionally or not.

McLaughlin Group tonight

McLaughlin Group tonight had the lead story as Santorum getting out of the race. I think that was a bit of old news, but since he leans republican, I guess he felt obligated to put it first. And, no doubt, Santorum did surprise people with the support he got from the right. But didn't that say more about where the republican party is at than how good of a candidate Santorum is? Of course, the republicans are patting him on the back and saying that he has a future with the party. But I think this was his flash in the pan. We'll see.

Obama again going public about Supreme Court

There's been a controversy going a lot of this week as a result of some public comments that President Obama made about the Supreme Court. I read the entire transcript of the comments he made about the Supreme Court, which were not so seemingly far out as if you took the couple sentences that the media, as they often do, chose to snip off the speech and remove it from it's context.

Spring things

This spring has been odd to say the least. The warmth came early and has been sustained. And, it has had its effect on some things. For example, flowering things, such as fruit trees, were very early - blooming weeks ahead of time. The american toads that trill every spring in our ponds were finished by early in March. Whiporwills have been here for several weeks. Bats have been flying for many weeks. The spring peepers have been intermittent, and on some of the hottest days stopped peeping. Local birds like brown thrashers have been doing nesting behavior for weeks.

Beyond the Pale(in)

In terms of TV, we are prisoners of digital antennae TV. We get NBC out of Paducah, WPSD, and as far as the three big networks go, that is it. Different than the analog signal, which allowed us to receive all three of the major networks - ABC, CBS, and NBC.

From Berry Craig: "Supreme Court's prestige plummets with John and Jane Q Citizen"

It was the most controversial legislation the Democratic-majority Congress approved during the Democratic president’s first term.

Conservative Republicans slammed it as “socialism.” They claimed the measure was a dire threat to the free market.

Almost two years after it passed, the act ended up in a conservative-tilting Supreme Court.

More on the health care debates and the supreme court

I want to elaborate a little on something that I brought up in the last piece about the oral arguments in front of the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of the "individual mandate," or the requirement that everyone has to buy health insurance or pay a penalty.

Oral arguments in the supreme court on health care law

The pundits are saying that they aren't sure how the supreme is going to decide on the health care law, which has now been labelled "Obamacare" by about everyone, although that isn't really fair. But the arguments are about whether or not the case is "ripe" for the supreme court to hear, whether or not congress can require that someone buy a private product or be penalized, and then finally, whether or not the whole law should be thrown out if the court finds that the requirement to buy is unconstitutional.

Can a Kentucky State Representative make radio commercials for a bank?

There is a Kentucky state representative named Will Coursey that represents a district in western Kentucky just a little east of the Paducah area. Lately, (and just a few minutes ago as I am sitting here listening on the radio to the Kentucky vs. Indiana NCAA bball game) I have been hearing Coursey do radio commercials during the Wildcat's NCAA games broadcasts for a bank in western Kentucky.

Can he do that? Can a Kentucky state representative make commercials for a bank in his district? Seems beyond the pale to me.

McLaughlin Group tonight

At least Mort Zuckerman took the night off. McLaughlin had a black woman - Michelle Benard - as the second liberal. Her main role was to be the black face to discuss the Martin shooting in Sanford, Florida. '

But the Martin shooting wasn't the first issue to be discussed. It was the republican nomination for president. No doubt that the republican mainstream is trying to rally around Romney. It remains to be seen whether or not the rest of party is going to follow them.

Romney wins Illinois - another low turnout

The political pundits are stretching hard to find something to talk about in regard to the republican presidential nomination. Romney won, wow! Quelle Chance! But the turnout was low and he didn't even get 50% of the vote.

I actually heard his victory speech last night on WBBM as I drove home. Rush Limbaugh says it was his best speech ever. His speech was ridiculous. He kept talking about "economic freedom" and "free markets" and how this is what was needed to save the economy. Oh really?

Romney will win Illinois republican presidential primary

Since I'm in Illinois, I guess I should make a comment on the republican presidential primary. Romney will win, I think. Illinois is not Mississippi, and I don't mean that in any judgmental way - I like Mississippi. I know that Santorum will get plenty of votes, particularly downstate, but I just can't see him carrying Illinois. We'll see.

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