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Sunday News Shows, March 18, 2012

Once again KET was in fundraiser, and played the same commercial grade show that they played last week. The news show access was limited. But, I did see Meet the Press and McLaughlin Group, which are both about the epitome of their genre of shows.

Meet the Press had Sen. McCain as their first guest. Generally, I don't really like McCain interviews. He's a very condescending figure - talking to public as if they are the naughty child that got caught with their hand in the cookie jar and needs a lesson from dear ol' dad. It's irritating.

Santorum looks like he will win Miss. and Ala. Romney finishes behind Gingrich

Santorum is going to win both Mississippi and Alabama. Romney isn't even going to beat Gingrich. This will be an eye opener for those republican party bosses trying to push Romney through with big money. The problem for the republicans is that Santorum can't win across the board either. In fact, he probably can win less than Romney. Big problems for republicans.

Sunday News Shows: March 11, 2012

I only got to see two news shows yesterday - Meet the Press and McLaughlin Group. (which is actually filmed on Friday).

Meet the Press wasn't that memorable. David Gregory had Santorum on again. It was too soon since he was on the last time and he didn't have anything new to say. The roundtable spent a lot of time talking about who will get the republican nomination. At this point, it's becoming an irrelevant subject.

Rush Limbaugh showing he's no different than the average politician - no core, ruled by money

Rush Limbaugh, who, if there was any kind of equality of justice in this country, would be in jail or would have spent time in jail for his widely publicized drug abuse, but didn't because of his white and money privilege, has made his fortune pandering to the least common denominator of U.S. politics - bigotry.

Sunday News Shows: Eric Cantor vs. Debbie Wasserman - Schultz

Because of fund raisers on KET, where we get access to most of our Sunday News Shows, and, they stupidly preempt them for shows about Frank Sinatra and the like during fundraiser, and because of the change over to digital TV, and the only network station we an get is WPSD, NBC, the only Sunday News Shows I got to see today were Maria Bartiromo and Meet the Press.

Obama, Iran, and Israel

I certainly haven't really envied Obama being in the middle between Israel and Iran. These two countries, which are nearly neighbors, are intense rivals. Israel's government seems to think that Iran is trying to find a way to wipe them off the map, something that isn't going to happen. Iran is worried that Israel is going to attack them for having nuclear power, something under international law they are allowed to have, as long as they follow the rules.

Obama sings while the republicans fight

I don't know if it is symbolic of what is going on, but compare the images of President Obama singing with BB King and Rick Santorum saying that his "phoney theology" comment about Obama didn't refer to religion. (Oh, then what is theology?) If you gave me the choice of public images to put forward, I would take the singing with BB King anyday. It's really a no-brainer.

Sunday News Shows, February 19, 2012: McLaughlin right, Israel and Iran most important

The Sunday News Shows (some of which actually air on Friday) were pretty good this week. It's going to hard to narrow it down to a few things.

I guess the first thing that I have to mention is the discussion on "Comment on Kentucky" about the governor's proposed constitutional amendment to bring casino gambling to Kentucky. This is his issue, and he was re-elected, and he has a decent change of getting this through the legislature.

Court hearing on Shawnee National Forest plan

Yesterday, Feb. 16, had been exactly 16 years ago to the day, as hard as that was to believe, when the judge announced from the bench that he was going to issue some kind of injunction against the Shawnee National Forest because their required management plan and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) didn't comply with the law. The lawsuit was brought by the the Regional Association of Concerned Environmentalists (RACE), of which I was president, Illinois Audubon Council and the Sierra Club.

Sunday News Shows 02.12.12: Santorum on MTP

I'm going to spend most of this writing session on a quote by Rick Santorum on Meet the Press yesterday. At one point in his conversation with David Gregory, Gregory asked, "Is there an area, a decision that you would take as president, or position that you might adopt even in the course of the campaign, that would make conservatives uncomfortable that you think you could take and still get the nomination?"

Obama and the contraceptive issue

It's bad enough when it's a bunch of older men dressed up in costumes arguing about whether or not women should be allowed to have birth control. But it's even worse when it's a bunch of males dressed up in costumes that, in a number of cases, covered up for pedaphile priests. The so-called "spiritual leaders" of the catholic church are living in centuries past, and it's a disservice to their organization if you ask me.

News on SuperPACs

Obama's campaign made the NBC national news tonight and not in a good or what I think was accurate way. Not that NBC news was the only national outlet to cover today an announcement of some sort by Obama or his campaign that they were no longer going to discourage supporters from investing in some
"SuperPAC" that is going to support him in the election.

Florida (and republican) update

Our trip to Florida is over. We were in the state during the primary, more by coincidence than anything. I think that the facts of the primary proved the last post - that there wasn't a lot of excitement in Florida over the republican presidential primary. For one thing, Romney didn't receive even 50% of the votes, and more importantly, even with all of the furor in the Tea party and the republicans stating that their number one priority is to get rid of Obama, their primary turnout was down over 4 years ago, when it wasn't that great.

Florida republican primary: Where is the heavy - duty excitement?

We're on a family trip to Florida at the moment. The timing is interesting with the republican presidential primary just about here. We crossed into the panhandle of Florida on Tuesday of this week from east central Alabama. I fully expected to see lots of yard signs, billboards, and TV ads for the republican presidential primary all over Florida, and I was curious as to which candidate would be having the most support in terms of these kinds of public showings of endorsement.

Republicans imploding?

With Romney's continued revelations about his wealth and his privileged upbringing, Gingrich's wife's interview on ABC tonight, and Santorum's lack of name recognition, the republicans appear to be imploding. What is next? Maybe a draft Sarah Palin campaign?

The only bad thing for Obama is that if this keeps up, the election becomes his to lose. He's better off to keep his sort of underdog status. The republicans are making that difficult.

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