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Mitt Romney keeps showing that he just doesn't understand what it is like to live with limited resources. One hates to use terms like "spoiled rich kid" but he just so much fits the definition. People like him really don't know what it is like to have to do without something simply because your family doesn't have the resources to get it. It can be very disappointing, but it also teaches you what is truly necessary and how to live with disappointment.

New Hampshire surprise?

The one surprise that came out of New Hampshire was how well Romney did in spite of the criticism that he came under for his "business" dealings, and his misstep of saying that "he liked firing people." He complained that his comment was taken out of context. Amazing, after what his campaign did totally taking Obama out of context to the point where Obama was actually quoting someone else, but they cut that out and presented it as Obama's quote. That's about as sleazy as you can get!

"Pious Baloney"

I was so happy to hear Gingrich call Romney on his "pious baloney." But let's face it, there is a lot of pious baloney out there. And let's hear Gingrich respond to criticisms of he and his believers on the pious baloney that the U.S. is the best at everything and rules the world. That simply is no longer true.

The U.S. is not number one in education, in health care, in manufacturing, in salaries, in sports, and on and on. That doesn't mean we aren't good, and aren 't best at some things. But reality is reality. We are only a member of the family of nations, not the king.

New Hampshire

I'm not good at predicting New Englanders. While I admire and am in a certain sense envious of the New Englanders long roots to our nation, I am a rural midwesterner who has had to grind out a survival, and look at things in that way.

Rick Perry on to South Carolina!

Rick Perry didn't take very long to "reassess" his campaign. He's on to South Carolina! It's common political knowledge that South Carolina votes very conservatively. But Perry has no chance after coming in so far behind in Iowa, in combination with his gaffs in the debates. But what Perry will likely do is to splinter, ever so much more, the conservative/evangelical vote in South Carolina. That will make it more likely that Romney, even if he doesn't win, won't come out too damaged.

Rest in Peace Gatewood Galbraith

Wow, I was surprised to hear that Gatewood Galbraith had died today. He just finished a vigorous run for Kentucky governor. He didn't win, but he got out there and got on the ballot and got about 10% of the vote. In many parts of the world, a 10% minority is a very powerful block. Less so in the U.S., where only the majority rules.

Iowa results prognosticate a republican loss

The Iowa caucuses results portend that the republicans just can't get behind any single candidate. That is good news for the democrats. If the republicans think that Rick Santorum can become president, they are pretty close to delusional. And Romney just can't get the whole party behind him. That leaves a lot of room for an incumbent president to maneuver - too much to stop him. (or her, which it eventually will be).

This is setting up for an Obama landslide, believe it or not. I happen to believe it. You might be landsliding me before it's over, but I'm pretty sure you won't.

First "Tweet"

I just posted my first Tweet. I don't know who will come out Iowa with the victory tonight, but the "inevitability" of the nomination of Romney is growing, more out of a sense of desperation than anything. Obama has a lot of money to shred Romney, although Romney is showing that he can get a lot of money behind him also. Short of some kinds of serious Obama missteps in handling some totally unexpected occurrences that end up affecting a lot of people negatively, Obama will be re-elected, for better or worse.

Iowa republican caucuses

It's hard to believe, but tomorrow is the Iowa republican caucuses. I'm like the rest of the pundits, I wouldn't dare make a prediction. I guess Ron Paul could win. The mainstream media is downplaying that, saying that wouldn't make much of a difference. I don't think I agree with that, but we will see.

I had a conversation with Kristi today about who, if we were republicans, we might vote for. Kristi, very wisely, wouldn't say. I, however, put my foot in my mouth and said that if I was a republican I'd probably vote for Huntsman.

Court grants our motion for oral arguments in case over Shawnee National Forest injunction

I learned from our attorney on Friday that the Southern District of Illinois federal court had granted our motion for oral arguments in regard to the motion filed by the U.S. Forest Service to lift the injunction against commercial logging, oil and gas leasing, and off-road vehicles which is currently in effect on the Shawnee as the outcome of a lawsuit that we filed in the 1990s.

Sunday News Shows, 01/01/12

Wow, can you believe that we are now writing 2012? Time flies when you are having fun.

Of course the news shows today were obsessed with the Iowa caucases, which are going to held Tuesday. The Democrats don't have a race become they have an incumbent running for his second term. But the republican race for who will get on the ballot to challenge incumbent Obama is hot and heavy, and this is what everyone was talking about. Well, the McLaughlin group had part 2 of their annual awards for this and that in the political realm.

Romney playing "inevitability" card

Romney is now playing the "inevitability" card in the Iowa republican primary race. It remains to be seen whether or not it will work. But the mainstream media is definitely picking up on it. It goes something like "I have the best chance to beat Obama, and therefore, I'm going to be the nominee, better get behind me."

Lake Glendale drawdown update

I previously wrote a few days ago about stumbling on the drawdown of Lake Glendale in the Shawnee National Forest on Christmas Day when we decided to take a walk around the reservoir - an about 3 1/2 mile walk.

It was obvious that much of the lake had been drained. We thought it was curious, because we have had the all time record annual rainfall year this year, and the ponds on our place are full. Why should Lake Glendale be really drawn down?

Ron Paul has real problems

I have to say that although I definitely do not agree with Ron Paul on a number of issues, there are some issues that I definitely relate to what he says. And, I, like many others in the US, have thought that Paul was a straight shooter - having a fundamental sense of integrity and of himself.

Chemical truck accident at the Calvert City exit off I-24 brings back memories

Way back in what seems like another lifetime, I was a central part - not the leader, but right in the center of things - of a movement to try and close Liquid Waste Disposal (LWD), a hazardous waste incinerator that was operating in the middle of a major chemical manufacturing complex in Calvert City, Kentucky, not that far from where I live.

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