Sunday News Shows 9.23.12

While republican pundits David Brooks and Joe Scarborough were ripping their candidate, Obama supporter, mayor of Atlanta, Kasim Reed, spoke calmly, eloquently, and confidently in support of Obama. I had never heard him speak before today, and I think he was the star of the day. The contrast was striking. It was one more piece of evidence of how the Obama campaign is surging and Romney is imploding in the last month and a half before the election.

And if the week wasn't bad enough for Mitt Romney, the weekend news shows opened and had long discussions about the video that has surfaced of Romney speaking at a fundraiser several months ago in which he refers to 47% of Americans as basically being on the dole, happy about it, expecting it, and not caring to take any self-initiative to improve their situation. We all know that is ridiculous.

But even before this video surfaced, Romney was losing ground to Obama. We haven't even seen the polls yet that reflect the public's overall reaction to the 47% comment, which was discussed ubiquitously in the news shows. It's going to be really bad for Romney.

In fact, some of the long time republican professionals, such as David Brooks and Joe Scarborough, were harshly criticizing Romney today on Meet the Press. Of course, they all say, "it isn't too late" for Romney to turn it around and win, but the looks on their faces said it all - they fear the worst - which would be for this to turn into a "wave" as Nina Totenberg called it, with long coattails. This would crush Mitch McConnell's dream of a republican senate to go with the republican house.

Now, all hopes are pinned on the presidential debates. Romney is going to have a hard time gaining substantial ground from the debates, because Bill Clinton has given Obama all the answers to Romney arguments. I bet that we hear the word "arithmetic" from Obama at least once during the first debate. I should would use it - it's the perfect word to combat Romney because what he wants to do simply does not add up. You can't cut taxes on the rich and corporations, raise defense spending, not touch social security or medicare, and then balance the budget without something else giving. And that something else is programs to help the modest income folks, and taxes on the working class.

And Romney is not a great speaker, and he isn't very charismatic. Obama is a great public speaker, and is charismatic, even if 4 years as president has dampened him a bit. Plus, the president has the advantage of having all the inside information. Romney is going to have to have a lot of luck with him to land a blow on Obama that will put him back in this race.

Although McLaughlin on the McLaughlin group, was acting very republican today, I do give him a lot of credit for bringing up what has been going on in Afghanistan - with Afghani soldiers that have been recruited and approved into service by the U.S. - turning their guns on our soldiers, causing a number of deaths. It's really bad. There is no doubt that there are a lot of people there that have animosity over our 14 year occupation there. Obama says he is going to get us out, and most people, including me, are happy about that. But do I think that there will be peace there after we leave? No. That country will be a mess, and part of that mess is and will be our fault.


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