Romney flubs again

Romney is a pathological screwer upper. Even when he is trying as hard as he can to make up for another screw up, he screws up more. That's the way it is with one of his last ads. In that ad, he opts for the old political strategy of the only visual being the candidate, who is talking seriously to the camera as if he talking right to them right then and there.

This ad is supposed to help Romney re-connect with the working class - the ones he blew off in the secret tape in which he said in a fundraiser with a lot of super rich people, that 47% of US citizens didn't take responsibility for themselves and were freeloaders off the government. (OK, my words, but what else can y ou say about it?

The problem with his new ad is that at one point he says he's for the middle class, and "wants to help them." He actually refers to the middle class as "them." And that perfectly states the issue. To Romney, the middle/working class is "them" not "us." It really isn't "us" anymore to Obama, but it was at one point. It never has been for Romney, which is why he referred to them as "them." It's a sincere mistake, but a big one I think. How can he relate if he's never been there - if the middle/working class is "them" to him? Simply put - he can't. That's why he is going to lose.


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