Town Hall Presidential Debate

I have to write a few words about the presidential debate that occurred Tuesday evening. At this point, it's old news, which is when I like to write about something like this. I want to think about it for at least a few days before I comment.

I watched the whole debate very carefully. And just as in the last debate, I didn't see it the same as the mainstream pundits. I mean, I do admit that Obama was more forceful, but that doesn't automatically mean better to me.

But consider this - can it be much more tragic than having a democratic candidate for president arguing about how they have drilled for more oil and gas on public lands than the republicans? That is the world turned upside down if you ask me.

Obama was sharper than Romney. And who would have guessed than the "binders full of women" comment would be the one to define the debate.

Tonight, the NBC night news reported new polls in Iowa and Wisconsin which showed Obama ahead in both states, outside of the margin of error. In the days to come, we will see similar polls. The question then comes down to whether or not the voting can be manipulated. That is one of the republicans' main strategies, although it is coming a bit unravelled because it so obviously unfair. But it is still there, and even Move On recently put out an email questioning whether or not the republicans would try to steal Ohio. Of course they will, if they can. And if it is close enough, they may be able to. But I doubt if it will be that close.

Romney had a flash of glory in the first debate, but he is still a serial flubber. He just can't control what he says about things that he doesn't really know about - which is how people poorer than him actually survive.

The mainstream media has set a standard for debate behavior where the meaner you are the better. That's pretty pathetic. I think both candidates have been pretty respectful to each other all in all, and there is a lesson in how to deal with strong philosophical disagreements that occur in a society. I think that may very well be the best lesson from our presidential debates.


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