Sunday News Shows 10.21.12 and more

The one thing I heard in the news shows that I thought was significant was a comment by Obama campaign manager David Axelrod on Meet the Press that ultra conservative and ultra anti Obama U.S. Rep. from California, Darrel Issa, released documents that he collected as part of the hearing on the Libya attack that contained and compromised names of U.S. cooperators in Libya. If that is true, that kind of story might have a chance to have some teeth.

The rest of the news shows were pretty predictable. I'm not going to waste a lot of time writing about them. I'm not backing off of my predictions I'm made a long time ago about the election - and I think Romney peaked too soon - something that can happen in contests. The conditions for Romney were perfect for a big jump in his popularity. But when push comes to shove, it isn't going to stick. He peaked about a week ago and will never hit that level of popularity again, short of something really unusual happening which I doubt, but which is possible.


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