Catching up

Wow, it's been nearly three weeks since my last post. That's a long time, but this time of year I just don't have the unlimited time on computer that I do in the summer because we don't have the power for me to just sit at the computer at home, and I'm working almost full time. So my computer time is limited to times when I am home on a sunny day or at a public place.

But I do keep up with the news very closely and I have thought a lot of comments as I have been driving that I wanted to put in the blog. If only I could transmit automatically from thought to the web. I'd have a kajillion pages already written.

I did watch several of the news shows last Sunday. I didn't hear anything that hadn't already been thoroughly discussed in the press up to that point. I just don't remember hearing anything really new or significant. I did not get to hear McLaughlin group though. Often times that show has the most interesting discussion.

But of course everyone is discussing the "fiscal cliff." It blows my mind that the republicans are continuing to take the position that they will accept Romney's position of closing loopholes and deductions to raise revenue, but Romney lost the election, so it is obvious that this isn't the position that the majority of US citizens don't agree with the republican position. But still they persist. It's amazing. They are very self-destructive. Obama is playing them like a fiddle and they are dumb enough to let them.

Then there is the foreign stuff, most predominantly Syria, Egypt and Israel. It is almost impossible to know for sure what is going on, because we can't really trust the mainstream media to give us a comprehensive report. But it sounds like there is a very serious potential for a very serious conflict which could escalate beyond anyone's imagination, and that could be catastrophic.

Ashley Judd is not backing away from talk that she will run against McConnell for the US Senate. While Democratic speaker of the house Stumbo came out against it because he said she can't win because of her anti-mountaintop removal advocacy. I happen to think he is wrong, and think that more likely he is afraid that if she does win she will become more powerful than he in Kentucky democratic politics. That would be a good thing. I hope she runs and runs hard. She has the name recognition to take on McConnell, and by then, McConnell is likely going to suffer more serious political defeats.

Well, gotta run. It's been fun.


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