Iowa results not surprising

I am not surprised by any of the Iowa caucus results on either side. The only thing I disagree with the mainstream pundits about is that they are spinning this as Rubio "exceeding expectations," and thus, coming out it while not a winner, with some wind at his back.

I had predicted a few months ago on Twitter that I thought Rubio was the guy that the Republican party would eventually get behind. He's young, attractive, and, uh.....young and attractive. That seems to be about as good as the republicans can do at this time. But, that is something.

When I hear Rubio speak, he says nothing. Oh, he pontificates about grandiose ideas in a broad sense, but gives no explanation at all about how he's going to pull off these grandiose ideas. He's fear-mongering by relentlessly pounding the idea that ISIS is hiding behind every tree ready to grab the average american and their kids and make them Muslim slaves or something worse. He says he's going to expand the military and wipe them out, but that's all he says. He doesn't say anything about how he is going to do that.

I guess between Cruz, Trump and Rubio, Rubio will win in the long run. You can't judge a lot from Iowa and New Hampshire. But Rubio is going to find it difficult to shake the republican party's tar baby - their very prejudicial stance on immigration. That is a loser for the republicans.

On the democrat side, one has to marvel over the Sanders surge. It shows how people are really wanting a change in the way that our economic system favors the very rich. Clinton, by virtue of being a democrat, will favor the working class more than a republican, but I think Sanders is right that the Clintons have always been a little too close for comfort to some very very rich interests, and as such, she just can't speak on the income inequality issue with as much genuine street cred as Sanders. Unfortunately, for the democrats, with Sanders out there bringing it up, that issue is the burning issue in the democrat party.

Nevertheless, I just can't see Sanders consistently beating Clinton in states like Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, etc. Those states should be carried by Clinton, and that should give her an edge to get the nomination. But, if any more reports about mishandled emails and/or cozying up to Wall Street, or if she gets indicted or a very close aid does, then she's got real problems.

Isn't it fun that the presidential race has actually begun for real?


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