presidential races interesting

I love how the republicans are just beating each other up. Rubio still has to be considered the main contender because he is just so much easier on the eyes than the others. Of course, he has to nominally please the ears, and he has a hard time doing that, because his speaking skills are, um, not that great.

It does seem hard to believe that the republicans would nominate either Cruz or Trump, so who does that leave? They don't seem to recognize a decent candidate like Kasich from Ohio. I mean, "so goes Ohio......" And he has enough moderate and enough very conservative positions that he could really be a threat to the more centrist (although getting pulled hard left) campaign of Hillary Clinton. After all, as the saying goes, when people have a choice between a republican and a republican, they will choose a republican every time.

I still think Hillary will get the nomination and go on to be the first female president. But, she is trying hard to screw it up. Many of her problems can be attributed to people out to get her, but when she acts like taking large sums from wall street banks for speaking fees isn't a real issue, she is way out of touch, or desperate because she has no answer to it.

I do think Hillary has a point in asking Sanders how he is going to get his ideas passed through a republican house and a likely slightly republican senate. Obama has shown just how much of an island the presidency can be. But on progressive issues, he pretty much is the last line of defense to keep the republicans from running rough shod over the country. But he couldn't get an affirmative agenda passed thru congress even if every scientist in the universe said that it was just what we needed. To imagine that Sanders, if elected (Hillary too) wouldn't face similar obstacles in congress, is simply naive. Of course he isn't going to say that, but that is the truth.

I like Bernie Sanders, a lot. If the worst problem that the democrats end up with is Bernie Sanders going into the convention with more elected delegates than Hillary, I'm not going to lose too much sleep over that. But I don't think that will happen, regardless of what I would personally want, which I will not say.


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