Birds around the feeder and yard

Last night and today we had occasional snows and it turned colder. The snow was less than an inch, but it was very pretty and covered the ground. With the temperatures plummeting, I think the birds knew that the ground would be freezing up, and they were looking for whatever food they can find. That brought a lot of birds to the feeder and around the yard.

Of course, there were the first regulars - the red-bellied woodpecker and the titmice, who race each other to the feeder to get the first seed after I feed in the morning. Then the cardinals, the white-throated sparrows, chickadees, song-sparrow, white breasted nuthatch. At various times, depending on weather and soil conditions, other species join or come in the yard. Today, a number of them were around, which made for an interesting day.

There has been at least two hermit thrush aruond the yard. One hopped around the ground under the feeder. Usually they stay away. Also, yesterday a winter wren came onto our screened in porch. They are distinctive - small, dark, and with a tail that looks like it has been chopped off. I had been seeing this bird around the house the last couple weeks, but I didn't get a really good look at it until yesterday. This is the first time we ever had one around the house at any time of the year. We have seen them a few times (not in recent years) on the christmas bird count, but in creek beds.

Today a couple fox sparrows showed up. They really like to scracth around in the duff. There were also goldfinch, bluejay, robins, and pileated that kept flying across the yard. I also saw a couple turkey vultures flying around.

I don't recall seeing any towhees today. And there were no thrashers. But I know they are around.
But the bird variety around the yard was pretty cool today.


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