Today, it snowed about 4 inches, at least so far. It's almost feeling like it might be over for the most part. In the days ahead, the forecast, which I think will be correct, is that it will warm up - like spring. At this point, I don't think there will be any turning back. Even Puxatawney Phil gets it right once in a while - early spring! But at the moment, winter has hold. If the TV weather prognosticators are that wrong, and it stays really cold for weeks, I'll quit listening to the TV at all. They're pretty good a day or two out. After that, not so good.

But, if one thinks that they can extrapolate any longer range trends from short term events, all bets are off. Any patterns that may have been are no longer dependable. Who knows what the extremes may end up being. The consequences of some scenarios are horrendous. Probably won't happen, but...


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