The presidential races - OMG!

You have to give Trump something - not sure if it should be credit, or something else. But, I can't think of too many people that have called the Pope, and particularly this Pope, "disgraceful." It's like telling your Mom she is fat, only worse!

Trump put himself in the spotlight, and the heat of the spotlight is melting him like it does everyone in that position. (except maybe the Pope). It was and is pretty obvious that the big money republicans that want to think that they actually have a chance to buy, um, win the election, want to get Trump out of the way, and the sooner the better. They have been doing that, and it is working.

They only have one problem now, and that is Cruz. But they'll get rid of Cruz too. But he is going to beat them up before he goes down, because, and Trump is right about this, he is a "nasty guy" and is a "liar." As far back as the ancient eons of a couple months ago, pundits were saying that the big money republicans who like to think they control the party were more scared of Cruz than Trump. Remember? Establishment republicans backing Trump over Cruz? Yeah, yeah. But it doesn't seem to working. Their strategy to bring down Cruz first and then Trump is running into a speed bump...Cruz is taking down Trump first and he is the only "nasty" guy left standing, corralling all that vote. It's tear your hair out time for the republicans.

I'm going to stick with my previous prognostications that Rubio is going to emerge for the republicans. I mean, he is just so young and attractive and he has youth and attractiveness going for him. How can you beat that? And, he does pose the biggest threat to the democrats for that very reason. Neither of the democratic candidates has those particular qualities.

In the democratic race for the nomination, I think Hillary Clinton is still the likely nominee. She will be tempered by fire though, by Sanders, and she sure better give him some place of authority in her administration because if she doesn't, she could lose a generation of millenial voters. And a Sanders upset isn't out of the question. Still seems a bit unlikely to me, but stranger things have happened.

I saw Joe Biden on the news tonight. Draft Joe Biden at the convention? I'm sure it will be said, but as of now, ain't going to happen. Weeks in politics, particularly in an election campaign, are equivalent to eons in normal time. We'll see if anything changes in the weeks to come.


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