presidential campaign further update

I have listened and watched the pundits pontificate over the primaries yesterday. The one thing that is making me rethink is about Rubio. I have been saying that the republicans would ultimately nominate Rubio and that he is the biggest threat to the democrats. I still sort of think that is true, but I'm ready to completely abandon that theory until after next Tuesday. It still is very possible that no republican candidate will come to the convention with 50% plus 1 of the delegates. If that is the case, anything could happen.

The problem Rubio would have at this point is a lot of the Trump supporters would fall to the wayside or Trump would go 3rd party. It would be like Ross Perot on steriods. So there is no easy answer to all of this at this point.

As far as the democrats go, the situation hasn't changed. Hillary is the presumptive nominee, but she has to make peace and give Bernie Sanders some important position. If she isn't able to attract a good portion of the Sander's supporters she is going to struggle. If she makes peace with Sanders and they move forward together, with Obama campaigning at the end of the campaign, then the dems will do good.


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