birds in the news!

I heard a northern parula yesterday. This was the first neotropical migrant bird that I heard this season. Almost always it is between the blue-gray gnatcatchers and the parulas as to which shows up first. And, interestingly enough, my friend Tom, who lives about a half hour drive to the northwest, saw a blue-gray gnatcatcher yesterday. With the whiporwill siting the other day, and these occurences, it is clear that the migration has begun.

And then today, when I was driving up to Tom's place for band practice at about noon, I saw a large flock of white pelicans at Bay Creek where the blacktop crosses and goes by it. I had never seen white pelicans there before, and there had to be a hundred or more. There were a number of commorants with them. And interestingly enough, they were gone when I came back by about 4:30.

There also is a noticeable higher abundance of common egrets, or the white egret, around here. I'll do my best to make sure and write down as I see and hear our friends arrive.


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