more bird stuff

Today I heard a summer tanager and a what I am pretty sure was a Tennessee warbler. The summer tanager was singing it's song, not chipping. It was, no doubt, just passing through, as I heard it twice and then it was gone. The Tennessee warbler was making partial calls, which I thought sounded like a Tennessee warbler in tone and notes, but after it called a few times, it finally did a more complete call. I feel pretty certain it was a Tennessee warbler.

I did observe some what appeared to be mating behavior by chipping sparrows in Azotus cemetery today. There were three. One was chasing another, and went down in the grass with it, while another flew off to the side and landed on a nearby gravestone. They were making sounds - buzzing like, although they had been calling all around us for the last hour.

Not much to report, but something was going on. It more of a chronology thing. Those that study them will know what I'm talking about. The behavior probably has a name. I don't know it - maybe "mating behavior?" Early this morning, before the sun came up, I heard what sounded to me like a lot of whiporwills calling at the same time. Don't know how many that was...could have been three, four, or more. It was cool and unusual.


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