presidential politics

I want to start this by commenting on an interview that I heard part of this evening on NPR about how the republicans took over any number of state governments by directing relatively large sums of money into certain races and then used those majorities to control gerrymandering of the state's congressional districts which allowed them to take over congress. Democrats asleep at the switch. In many state's the total vote for all the congressional districts was clear democrat majority, but the republicans won 60 or more percent of the vote. Wow, democracy for the people.

So that is the context of the current situation. One of the biggest frauds of the republicans is that they care for the little guy. The soooo do not. They'll do anything to keep the little guy from having any voice. But what is even worse, is that a lot of "little guys" actually swallow the republican hook based on shallow, meaningless rhetoric like "gun rights", "right to life", "national security" and such. It's all BS. It's all there to support the big corporations.

The problem the republicans have now is that Trump is a moron. He is so full of himself that he is incapable of judging what the majority of Americans believe and want. He's the Marie La Pen of the US. The difference is that Marie La Pen isn't representing one of the major parties...well they weren't...hopefully they won't France. And France has the much superior system of proportional representation. It gives some power to minority parties, even if they are jerks. It's better than majority rules, where someone can win with 50 + 1 vote and the party with 50 -1 loses...all...everything...the big enchilada. Doesn't seem right does it?

But that's the system we have right now. We will have to accept it for what it is. Do I need to get a passport?


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