Kennedy Center Awards provides some quality performances

Last night CBS televised the lifetime achievement award ceremony at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. There were a couple amazing musical moments. One was when Earl Scruggs played with Mark O'Connor and Randy Scruggs, in honor of statements by Steve Martin, one of the recipients, that he was inspired to learn banjo from listening to Earl Scruggs when Martin was younger. Earl Scruggs, who is well over 80, tore up that banjo on "Foggy Mt.

“The greatest crime is the lie and the greatest lie is silence.”

A word of introduction…

Since Mark has so kindly agreed to allow me to blog here, I thought a word of introduction would be appropriate.

I’m born and raised in Western Kentucky. It is my home. I’ve lived in the Paducah area in particular for more than 50 years. From the outset my political inclination has been liberal and progressive based on my experiences growing up here. I will elaborate on those experiences in later blogs but suffice to say that, based on my experience, there is a strong liberal tradition in Western Kentucky.

Illinois Season Greetings! (baseball season, that is!)

Illinois Season Greetings! (baseball season, that is!)

This is a yard ornament in Rossville, Illinois, which is a small town in Northwest Illinois, about an hour and a half south of Chicago. Of course, I'm a Cards fan, but I do have a soft place in my heart for the Cubs! It is a cute Holiday greeting! We hope that everyone is having a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sunday News Shows, Dec. 23, 2007

I saw three Sunday news talking heads shows this morning - Chris Matthews, Meet the Press, and ABC Sunday Morning. Once again, on KFVS, the CBS affiliate out of the Cape Girardeau, MO, both CBS Sunday Morning and Face the Nation were not shown - instead, they were replaced by African-American based news talk shows. These were interesting shows, and I applaud KFVS for airing them. I’m not sure they should be pre-empting Sunday Morning and Face the Nation for them - instead, let’s pre-empt other shows like stupid game shows and show more intelligent issues discussion shows more often.

Followup to Another Sleazy IDNR FOIA Adventure

On Nov. 13, I posted an entry entitled "Another Sleazy IDNR FOIA Adventure." In that post I included an email exchange that I had with the IDNR trying to get some records about an IDNR committee which local IDNR officials had told us existed, and had been in charge of the exhibits in the IDNR's Cache River Wetlands Visitors Center, near Karnak, Illinois.

Bush's "National Strategy" on Global Warming

I was listening on the radio to Bush's press conference this morning. Fortunately, my listening got interrupted by a phone call. But before that blessed phone call came and saved me from the ignoramus, I heard him respond to a question about global warming. The questioner asked why his EPA chief had ruled that California and other states could not adopt more stringent standards than the federal government for controlling greenhouse gasses.

Guest Commentaries by Josephus

Dear friends,

Let's give a big welcome to Josephus, who is going to be giving us some guest commentaries from time to time. Josephus is rural thinker whose thoughts need to be read. Thanks, Josephus for taking the time to post your rural thoughts on!


David Cox's Faith Based Editorial

It's so hard to know where to begin.

David Cox, the editorial writer for the ultra-conservative Paducah Sun, has done it again. Upon the heels of the hate spewing, fact challenged editorial on Al Gore that Mark Donham so eloquently debunked, we now have the revisionist history of religion in America in his recent editorial entitled "Faith".

Cox goes through the usual pablum of talking points handed down from the Pat Robertson school of thought in an effort to prove that our Constitution is wrong in prohibiting a religious test of any candidate for office.

Sunset over Boundary Waters, Minnesota

Sunset over Boundary Waters, Minnesota

Beautiful fall sunset over Bear Lake in the Boundary Waters or northern Minnesota. We took this photo fall of 2006. Isn't it beautiful?

Paducah Sun has the nerve to attack Al Gore

Of course, Paxton media group, which owns the Paducah Sun (actually the "parent" publication of the corporation), is one of the most kneejerk, radical, anti-environmental publications in the country. But one would think that after they have been wrong repeatedly in major environmental issues in their own community, that they would be a little cautious about mindlessly attacking the number one environmental advocate in the world at the current time - Al Gore.

Sunday News Shows, Dec. 16, 2007

It was an interesting day for the Sunday news shows today. First, amazingly enough, as we get into the last few weeks before the Iowa caucuses and the New Hamphsire primary, CBS, well, at least KFVS, channel 12 in Cape Girardeau, MO, did not carry "Face the Nation."

Obama, Hillary and drugs

Isn't it juicy that Hillary's main man in New Hampshire, the husband of the former Democratic Governor, had to resign because he decided to be the hatchet man for the Clinton campaign and try to smear Barak Obama on drug charges. I guess Hillary is trying to keep up with hubby Bill's record of putting more people, mostly African-American, on jail for drug charges, than any other president. Where's the mainstream media on that little contradiction - "America's first black president" who happen to incarcerate more blacks than any other president for what?

Commenting on this blog

It was brought to my attention that people were writing comments that weren't being published to the web. It turns out that the way that the website was set up, that comments go to a page for me to review before they get published. I didn't realize that.

Federal Reserve: Interest rate drop AGAIN

The Federal Reserve, whomever they are, lowered it's interest rate again today. They got all kinds of high falutin' reasons why they are doing it, but the fact is, that they are baling out their big time buddies at the big time banks. But thank goodness we don't have a socialist system where the government gets involved in private business.

Cynthia McKinney speaks to citizens at Southern Illinois University

Cynthia McKinney speaks to citizens at Southern Illinois University

This is a photo of Cynthia McKinney speaking to citizens at the Southern Illinois University student center, December 8, 2007.

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