Ice Storm

We're in the middle of the worst ice storm that either of us has ever experienced. We had a very bad one here about 20 years ago or so, but this one is much more severe. While thankfully, our house hasn't suffered any damage from falling trees or limbs, our yard and land around the house looks like a war zone. Our house was surrounded by large trees, and many many large and medium sized limbs and branchs are everywhere. The environment is still covered with probably a half inch of ice or more, and it is well below freezing tonight.

Obama and Hillary again

I didn't get a chance to write about the Sunday News shows. But mostly, they were talking about Obama and Clinton, and McCain Huckabee. The general consensus among the talking heads seems to be that if Obama runs the table on the smaller states and then takes one of the big three left - Ohio, Texas, or Pennsylvania, that he should get the nomination. If Hillary takes all of the three big states, then she may be able to rustle the nomination away.

Michael Bugg's Comments on my endorsements for President

This is what I heard from a friend, Michael Bugg, a very concerned political thinker from Western Kentucky, regarding my endorsements for president. He gave me permission to post it, and I think it is worth posting. Mark


I used the link and read your endorsement and I agree that those two would be the preferable choices of the remaining candidates. I've always thought that Hillary was too willing to satisfy Big Business, and I've said for years that Bill was the best REPUBLICAN president we've ever had!

I endorse Cynthia McKinney for Green Party and Barak Obama for Democratic Party candidates for President of the U.S.

This entry is to endorse two candidates for the nomination of their parties for President of the U.S. I know Kristi agrees with me on this also. Some of the big newspapers endorse a candidate from two parties, mostly one democrat and one republican. I'm doing two parties, but the parties I'm doing are Green and Democrat.

John Edwards campaign

John Edwards withdrew from the race for the Democratic nomination for president. In "normal" times, he would have been a strong candidate. He's intelligent, passionate, attractive, energetic, and doesn't seem to have any huge blemishes on his record. But he ran straight into the headwind of two historical campaigns, and although he obviously gave it all he could, he finally ran out of steam, so to speak.

Kenya violence and the importance of honest elections

It is very sad what is happening in Kenya. People that have lived together in relative "peace" are now facing each other with violence. The reason?

Tidbits of the Day: Interest Rates, Presidential Race, Maiden Alley and Heather Ryan

The Federal Reserve cheapened our money again today. Why are they doing this? We want our money more valuable, not less. How about a law that says that at least one out of every three devaluations of our currency has to be subject to a vote of the people? Is that so radical? After all, devaluing our currency without a vote is, for all practical purposes, "taxation without representation." Our forefathers taught us well about that! I'd just like someone to answer me how, if too much debt is the problem, the answer is to make it easier to go in debt?

Sunday News Shows, Jan. 27, 2008

Of course the big news today was the strong Obama victory in the South Carolina primary. A couple of things were consistently mentioned across shows. One was that Obama got more white votes than "expected." The other was that Bill Clinton had hurt Hillary by his over aggressive campaigning. Apparently the "mainstream" media is convinced that the Clinton strategy is to "make Obama the black candidate" like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were. That way, it would drive a wedge between white voters and Obama, especially in the south.

Reprise: Mitch McConnell

Since I wrote about Mitch McConnell in the last entry, I'm going to stay on the subject. I just have to comment about the TV campaign ad he is running ad naseum on WPSD, the NBC affiliate out of Paducah, and a part of Paxton Media Group.

Mitch McConnell, Maiden Alley Cinema, and the Heather Ryan incident

As I begin this blog entry, I want to state that I have been a fan and supporter of the Maiden Alley Cinema in Paducah since it's beginning. I have some very close friends that are on the Maiden Alley board, although some of the members I do not know at all or very well.

Sunday News Shows Jan. 20, 2008

We watched Chris Matthews, Meet the Press, Stephanopolous, and Face the Nation. One thing that was mentioned on all the shows was Bill Clinton's behavior on the campaign, and how he might conflict with and/or work with a Hillary administration. One of the interesting comments was how Hillary might try to explain to a potential running mate what his or her authority might be when Bill will be running all over the world doing his thing. I thought it was an interesting question, and I hadn't really thought about it.

Hillary and Obama - Jan. 14, 08

I can't let this pass by without commenting on it. I do think the media is somewhat overblowing the issue of most of Hillary and Bill's comments about Martin Luther King, LBJ, and Obama. But let's not kid ourselves. The Clintons boast of their experience. And they have it! So they know all the "codes," especially in the South. The LBJ and "fantasy" quotes were pretty tame. It was the "kid" comment, when Bill called Obama a "kid" that I thought really crossed the line.

Ongoing discussion about possible manipulation of NH primary results

Apparently Dennis Kucinich is now calling for a recount of votes in NH due to all the behind the scenes discussion about anomalies with the results. Good for him. There is nothing more important than restoring total faith in our election system.

As the Brad Blog stated, and I cited in a previous post, there are certain counties in NH where the votes were tallied by hand and some where they were tallied via the Diebold machines.

Tallest Man: Robert Wadlow, Alton, Illinois

Tallest Man: Robert Wadlow, Alton, Illinois

This is a photo of Kristi standing next to a lifesize statue of Robert Wadlow, who is tallest man documented to ever come out of the US. Robert grew up in Alton, Illinois, and lived til his early 20s. He was 8'11" and some. There is a museum in his honor in Alton, and this statue of him is across the street from the museum. Pretty amazing!

New Hampshire primary results and vote stealing

I've listened to a lot of pontificating last night and today about the "surprise" results from the New Hampshire primary last night, both on radio and TV. I kept wondering what kind of voting machines was used in New Hampshire. When I got to my computer this evening, I did some searches.

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