Washington DC is becoming the center of spinelessness

About 5pm today Central time I heard on NPR that the house republicans had caved in on their stance to hold out for a full year of the middle class tax cut. Everyone who knew anything about politics knew that Boehner's position was a sham. The house wasn't just holding out for a year long tax, they were adding all these other controversial things to it - like gutting the EPA, labor laws, permanent tax cuts for the rich, and on and on.

Sunday News Shows Dec. 18, 2011

Well, I have to say that the republicans made the biggest news today in my opinion. And both of the statements that caught my ear were made on Meet the Press by John Boehner and Michelle Bachman. Boehner said - "And we all know, when it comes to legislating, there are two things that people should never watch, sausage being made and laws being made."

McLaughlin Group this evening

I haven't had a chance for many weeks to watch the McLaughlin Group live on a Friday night. I did tonight, and I really enjoyed it. And while one of the major reasons that I like McLaughlin is that he veers from the mainstream media train of thought, I am always pleased when he surprises me. And he did again tonight when his lead story was about how well Ron Paul was doing in Iowa.

Donald Trump back in the race? HAH!

Donald Trump has cancelled his so-called presidential forum in Iowa. He now says it is because he may get back into the race for president as a 3rd party candidate. Who is he kidding? The guy is so full of himself and for dubious reasons. He should remember that the it is the meek that will inherit the earth, or so we have been taught. His boasting and egotism are not the way that most people think is the right way to act.

Gingrich = Mondale?

It's really hard to believe how the politics in our country is going - especially considering how close we are to the republican's first presidential primary in Iowa - just a few weeks away. If the republicans are down to nominating Gingrich, that doesn't say a lot for the party. As some of the pundits have said, he "has more baggage than United Airlines."

Cain can't be serious can he?

The one thing I would say about Herman Cain that seems amazing to me is that, if it comes out being true about the so-called "affair" with an "other" woman, he has to be one of the dumbest people around if he thought he could run a serious presidential candidacy and not have this come out. We'll see. More to come.

A Soup Sandwich (and screwing it up)

When I was a kid we used to say to each other from time to time, "You'd screw up a soup sandwich." I have no idea what that really means, but we used to say it when someone messed up something that should have been easy.

Sunday News Shows 11/20/11

I watched the news shows as usual. I have to say that the thing that caught my attention the most was Donna Groves, news director of WKWX-WKYQ radio stations in Paducah, was once again on the Comment on Kentucky commonwealth political talking heads show.

Occupy movements and the US standing in the world

Isn't it ironic that as the US tries to stand up to regimes like in Syria, Iran, and North Korea, among other countries, by calling them "dictatorial" and crushing of basic human rights, our own streets are filled with police crushing grassroots protests against basic and obvious injustices in our society.

It's such an obvious bit of being two faced that it damages the U.S. credibility as a legitimate voice for peaceful, human rights based democracy.

Prairie Home Companion comes to Murray State

Kristi and I attended the live broadcast of NPR’s “A Prairie Home Companion” (PHC) radio show, which was performed last Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011, at the CFSB center, the basketball arena at Murray State University, not far from here in Murray, Kentucky.


I have to say that I am a bit of a nut when it comes to numbers. I'm not a great mathmetician or anything like that. But I am facinated by numbers that come up randomly. A good example, but by no means the only one, would be the numbers on your gas pump when you just turn on the pump and let it fill up and turn off automatically. That has to one of the most randomly generated numbers that I can think of.

All Hat and No Cattle

Well, Roger Simon had it right when he asked rhetorically on "Inside Washington" a couple months ago http://www.ruralthoughts.net/index.php?q=node/563 , at the time that Rick Perry first announced his candidacy for the republican nomination for the president of the U.S., whether or not Perry was "all hat and no cattle," using an ol' Texas saying.

Over the months since then, it has appearing as if Perry's hat was growing larger while his cattle was shrinking. After last night, if a person has any doubt they would have to be about as simple minded as Perry.

Kentucky goes Democrat

As I and many others predicted, Kentucky re-elected easily Steve Beshear as governor. It was an over 20% victory in a 3 man race. Notwithstanding that Bill Bartleman, on WKYX, Paducah's Rush Limbaugh radio station, said that this wasn't a "mandate" for Beshear, I don't know what Bartleman's statement is based on - if this isn't a "mandate" then what is?

Sunday News Shows, Nov. 6, 2011

The most significant thing I heard today on the news shows that I watched was republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman stating, not in a firey campaign speech, but in a quiet, thoughtful moment in a serious interview, that his fellow Mormon and favorite for the nomination, Mitt Romney, had electability problems because he had flipped-flopped so much on serious issues.

democracy stumbles badly

Wow. I would never have believed it. Now the so-called Greece referendum is cancelled. Just like that. Because Germany, France, and the U.S. didn't want it. So who is running Greece. I guess we will see if the Greeks really wanted a referendum or not.

So..this leads me to think that if the situation is so bad that it can't go for a referendum - that it's implementation has to be insured - or else some unbelievably horrible thing will happen to everyone if it isn't implemented, then we all need to know what those unbelievably horrible things are.

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