Prairie Home Companion comes to Murray State

Kristi and I attended the live broadcast of NPR’s “A Prairie Home Companion” (PHC) radio show, which was performed last Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011, at the CFSB center, the basketball arena at Murray State University, not far from here in Murray, Kentucky.


I have to say that I am a bit of a nut when it comes to numbers. I'm not a great mathmetician or anything like that. But I am facinated by numbers that come up randomly. A good example, but by no means the only one, would be the numbers on your gas pump when you just turn on the pump and let it fill up and turn off automatically. That has to one of the most randomly generated numbers that I can think of.

All Hat and No Cattle

Well, Roger Simon had it right when he asked rhetorically on "Inside Washington" a couple months ago , at the time that Rick Perry first announced his candidacy for the republican nomination for the president of the U.S., whether or not Perry was "all hat and no cattle," using an ol' Texas saying.

Over the months since then, it has appearing as if Perry's hat was growing larger while his cattle was shrinking. After last night, if a person has any doubt they would have to be about as simple minded as Perry.

Kentucky goes Democrat

As I and many others predicted, Kentucky re-elected easily Steve Beshear as governor. It was an over 20% victory in a 3 man race. Notwithstanding that Bill Bartleman, on WKYX, Paducah's Rush Limbaugh radio station, said that this wasn't a "mandate" for Beshear, I don't know what Bartleman's statement is based on - if this isn't a "mandate" then what is?

Sunday News Shows, Nov. 6, 2011

The most significant thing I heard today on the news shows that I watched was republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman stating, not in a firey campaign speech, but in a quiet, thoughtful moment in a serious interview, that his fellow Mormon and favorite for the nomination, Mitt Romney, had electability problems because he had flipped-flopped so much on serious issues.

democracy stumbles badly

Wow. I would never have believed it. Now the so-called Greece referendum is cancelled. Just like that. Because Germany, France, and the U.S. didn't want it. So who is running Greece. I guess we will see if the Greeks really wanted a referendum or not.

So..this leads me to think that if the situation is so bad that it can't go for a referendum - that it's implementation has to be insured - or else some unbelievably horrible thing will happen to everyone if it isn't implemented, then we all need to know what those unbelievably horrible things are.

Western Democracy

If it wasn't so bad, it would be hilarious from the irony. But it is bad, and it is part and parcel with the protests that are going on in New York and across the country and world. And that is the total hypocricy that our "western democracies" demonstrate when push comes to shove.

Sunday News Shows, Oct. 30, 2011

I watched all the news shows that we get today. Of everything that I saw, the most interesting and amazing segment was how irritated Bonnie Erbe, host of "To the Contrary" got at one of her guests. I wasn't watching - I was doing something else and listening. But it was a very amazing exchange.

the republicans and taxes for the upper income

By Thanksgiving, which is about a month, the so-called "super committee" is going to decide on cuts to the federal budget, has to come forward with bi-partisan budget cuts or so-called "automatic cuts" will go into force.

Sunday News Show, 10.23.11

The Sunday News shows provided nothing very new, for the most part. I guess the one tidbit of brand new information was in a comment by I think Pat Buchanan on the McLaughlin Group. It could have been Mort Zuckerman, but my memory is that it was Buchanan. The discussion was about whether or not Obama's foreign policy was going to significantly help him during the election. The current elections, which have just taken place the last few days, in Tunisia came up. Buchanan, I believe, said something like, "looks like those aren't coming out that good."

Libya and CIA

I never knew a guy who was leader of a country that the press couldn't figure out how to spell his name. Was it Quaddafi? Or maybe Khaddafi? Or what about Quaddafy, or Gaddafi?. There's more, but, who knows? In fact, you can never for sure what is going on in foreign places. But, if what we have been hearing in the press is halfway right, one can't blame the Libyian people for wanting a new government.

World Series

Ok, I have to admit. I'm a Cardinals fan...and I have been as long as I can remember. But hey, my dad was a native of E. St. Louis, and an excellent baseball player, coach, and Cards fan. I remember the old Busch Stadium, with the screened in pavillion in right field. I saw Stan Musial break what I recall as the national league RBI record by hitting a home run on top of that pavillion. Curt Flood was and is one of my favorite all time Cards players. I saw him play a number of times.

RACE files opposition to lifting injunction on the Shawnee National Forest

It's no secret that Kristi and I have been interested in and involved in planning for the Shawnee National Forest for the's see...28 years. In that time, we have been involved regionally with various organizations, but the one that we have been most closely associated with is the Regional Association of Concerned Environmentalists, or RACE.

"Birds United" protests Sandhill Crane slaughter in Kentucky

"Birds United" protests Sandhill Crane slaughter in Kentucky

Birds United, a sister group of VOTE (Vegetables Organized for the Earth), held a rally in front of the Kentucky State Capitol today protesting the proposed heartless hunting of Sandhill Cranes in Kentucky.

Kentucky Governor's (partial) debate in Paducah today

I watched the so-called Kentucky governor's race debate this morning sponsored by the Paducah Chamber of Commerce on WPSD-TV's 6-2 station. This is a great use for that station, and kudos to WPSD for doing that.

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