First New Entry in a while: Saw Jerry Seinfeld perform live last week

I can't believe that it has been almost a month since I made a post on here. I think that may be the longest break in the over 4 years that I have been writing in this blog. A lot of things go into any change. Part of it is adjustment to my new job, which I like, but which takes a lot of energy. Part of it is the heat, which has been incredible, even for the south. Part of it has been that I just needed to take a break. There are other things too.

But, before it got too far away in my mind, I wanted to write about the experience of watching Jerry Seinfeld perform at the Carson Center in Paducah, last Thursday evening. Kristi and I ushered for the show, which, again, is the only way we feel we can afford to see all these shows.

Over the years, I have seen most of the episodes of the world famous Seinfeld show. On that show, he performs his standup routine, in short segments, mostly at the end. His standup routine last week was very similar to what you see in those episodes.

One thing that Kristi pointed out and is really true is how clearly Jerry Seinfeld speaks. That is a real plus to his performance, because in a fairly large theater, not being able to hear can ruin a person in the audience's experience. But that wasn't a problem with Seinfeld. He spoke in a manner that made it easy to hear what he said. In that way, it was easy for the audience to follow his humor, and his humor was funny.

And very much like the stand up on his TV series, his comedy is "family friendly" for the most part. But that in no way means it isn't funny. It is funny. He put on a great show - I laughed a lot. He definitely, right up front, took Paducah to task for taking itself so seriously. But it did seem that he enjoyed the town.

He made jokes about the most up-to-date social issues. For example, he blasted Facebook, stating that seeing Susan and Bob drunk in Kabul was not the same as reading Moby Dick. This was a reference to how Facebook used the word "book" in an inappropriate way - that it wasn't a "book" at all.

He made jokes about a lot of contemporary things - coffee shops, wi fi internet, cell phones, fancy restaurants. He made jokes about his relationship with his wife and kids. All of it was poignant, hard to argue with, and funny.

At the end of the show, instead of an encore, he came out and told the audience that he would take some questions. There were several, and he gave answers which you felt were true, but humorous consistent with the rest of the show.

Jerry Seinfeld is ultra-famous. He is a big time celebrity. In a town like Paducah, which is small compared to most of the cities that a celebrity like Seinfeld would end up, celebrity of that scale means a lot. Just to have him in our town meant a lot. He had been here before, for two shows around a year ago. They both sold out. This time the crowd was much more modest. But we all loved him. He received a rousing standing ovation which I think he truly acknowledged as being genuine. We felt lucky to experience the show. I doubt if he will be back in Paducah in the near future, although I expect he will return sometime later on. I think he likes our town.