Presidential campaign: Romney imploding. It was predictable

Although I continue not to have a lot of time to write these days, I do keep up with the news. I have to admit that I have found the last few days of the presidential campaign to be quite comical, in a way that could have been, and was predicted, although the twists and turns of the "facts" again prove that fact is stranger than fiction could ever be.

First, the Obama campaign was criticizing Romney for being the head of Bain Capital when they were closing businesses in the US and opening them in places like Mexico. But Romney and his campaign said, "oh no, Mr. Romney had quit Bain by then. But this week, the Obama campaign released public documents filed with the government by Bain which showed that Romney was still CEO and signing for the company at the time that he was saying he had nothing to do with the company.

This created the perfect lose-lose situation for Romney. He was completely boxed in. If he said, "ok, I was CEO and I did have something to do with the company," he can be jumped on for both lying in his campaign when he said he didn't have anything to do with it and for being an "outsourcer." If he continued to say he had nothing to do with the company even though he signed for it, raises all kinds of other questions, such as he didn't care what happened even under his name, or maybe another person was really running the company and Romney was fronting for that person, which is fraud or perjury. There just is no easy way out.

So what did Romney do? He called on Obama, in a raving piece on NBC, where he was wild-eyed and making little sense, to "apologize" for asking questions about this. All the while, the news media is feeding on this like a ball of plutonium going critical.

Mr. Romney, this is a presidential campaign. It's tough out there, and this isn't even close to whether or not it is legitimate for the Obama campaign to bring up. For heaven's sake, you signed the dang documents which contradict your current public statements. It's totally, 100% legit. The mainstream media is actually bending over backwards not to completely destroy Romney, which is questionable, but there is a growing rumble in the press for Romney to release more information about his personal income from Bain. He says he won't release it. Either way, he again loses. If he releases the info, it is no doubt going to show that he made 10s of millions of dollars from Bain during that time. If he doesn't release it, then he's hiding it.

The real irony of this is that the democrats are "swiftboating" Romney. They are taking his "business experience," which is supposed to be his strength, and turning it into a weakness. This is just what the republicans did to John Kerry. Only now it seems to be true. With Kerry it wasn't. Be that as it may, it's the same technique. But boy, as the old saying goes, the republicans can dish it out, but they can't take it.