Sunday News Shows, 7.22.12

There was one tidbit of a conversation, between democrat strategist Bob Shrum and a republican counterpart, which I thought was poignant. It happened on Meet the Press.

Their roundtable was discussing (1) national polls consistently finding the race either tied or Romney up a hair, and (2) whether or not Romney will be hurt in the long run over his refusal to release more tax forms. While the republican strategist tried to make a big deal of the polls, Shrum said, and this isn't the part that I found really interesting, that behind those polls were statewide polls showing Obama up in most of the key swing states showing Obama ahead, and that he was polling nearly 50% ahead with latino voters.

But what Shrum, who isn't one of favorite commentators, said about Romney's failure to release the tax returns, is right on the money in my opinion. Shrum said that what this leads to is a narrative later in the summer, if Romney continues to refuse to release them, that says the following: Romney says his experience gives him an edge in fixing the economy. But, when his experience in fixing economic issues is sending jobs overseas, closing businesses in the US, having off shore accounts and money in swiss bank accounts, it works against him. I think that will be the case, and most people will believe that if Romney won't release them, he feels that there is more bad than good in those returns politically. Romney is in a lose-lose situation, and it seems apparent to me that it will continue to get worse.