forest fire near our house ongoing

Last night, as we slept on our screened in porch, we smelled wood smoke. We thought it was weird because of the very serious drought we are in. But, we just thought it was someone in our neighborhood burning a little brush. We didn't really think to call any authorities. But low and behold, this afternoon, here comes this parade of vehicles with fire fighting equipment, including a Forest Service truck with a bulldozer and a couple trucks with full water tanks and an ATV.

At the same time, a large thunderstorm was brewing just to our north, thundering as the sky got very dark. The smell of wood smoke all of a sudden got very strong. It was all very strange. I went out to the road, and shortly thereafter another Forest Service truck came by. I flagged it down, and it turned out to an employee that I knew. I asked him what was going on, and he told that there was a fire on past our place, partly on FS and partly on private.

Shortly thereafter, Kristi got home from work and said that all of the fire fighting vehicles were at our neighbors. She drove back down and talked to our sheriff, who was there. Apparently there was a wildfire on our neighbors property that either started there and spread to FS land or vice versa. We don't know much at this point. But fortunately for us, the fire was moving away from us. We could hear the FS bulldozer out in the woods, bringing down trees and crashing through the brush.

Several of the firefighting vehicles have left, but the bulldozer is still out there. We can't smell smoke, and there has been a little rain. I don't think our place is in any danger.