Republicans are reading too much into Walker Recall victory and gambling on Ryan

It is a serious body blow to the public unions in Wisconsin that the campaign to recall Gov. Walker failed. It is the results of that election that lead to the announcement by Mitt Romney today (at least I think) that Paul Ryan is his VP candidate.

It makes me think the GOP have a formula of how carrying Wisconsin could put them over the top in the Electoral college. Maybe so.

(The one thing that I don't understand about the democrats is why they chose, in the primary, the same dude that had just lost to Walker? That defies logic, especially when they had good alternatives. So the dems had a loser from the beginning. Maybe a bunch of republicans crossed over in the primary? I don't know how Wisconsin works in that regard.)

But if I was them, I wouldn't be reading too much into what the failure of the recall election meant. The dems did not have the best candidate, and people didn't think that Walker had been given enough of a chance.

But to interpret that as meaning that people tie all of that to Obama and that it means that the republicans are solid with Romney as long as he has Ryan isn't realistic. I do think that a lot of people do respect Ryan because he stuck his neck out and actually put a republican proposal out there, but simply disagree with him. What we see is whether or not Ryan has the gravitas in the long run to be a great leader. That would mean allowing people that he doesn't automatically agree with influence his plans. People just don't know enough about him to be able to judge whether he is too extreme or not - and yet he is pushing sweeping changes that will effect millions of people.

My initial guess is that the Ryan choice isn't that great of a choice. It gives the dems a big target. But, people are not in the mood for ad hoc attacks on someone that is trying, if you don't agree with them. And, Ryan is building a reputation as someone who is trying. It's more of a sad commentary on the 99.9% of the politicians that don't appear to be even trying to help us get out of our messes.

If Ryan's presence causes the debate to be more focused on the real issues, then congratulations to Mr. Ryan. But, he's going to become the enemy of many poor and elderly as he is portrayed as taking money from them while being soft on the rich. But isn't that the core of the republican philosophy? Should we be surprised?