5th Anniversary of first entry in Rural Thoughts

If you open the home page to this blog, you will see a rap about the blog that I wrote on this date, 2007. This was the very first entry in this blog. I don't think I have changed it, although I can't swear to it.

This is somewhere about the 680th entry. It's been primarily a political blog, as I love to think about and get my opinion out there regarding politics. But there have been other things also - photos, reviews, person entries, etc. And there have been columns by other writers, including well known Kentucky writer Berry Craig.

The readership is pretty small, but some columns get read more than others. I opened a twitter account, and on some columns, mostly when I have access to high speed internet, I post links and a brief summary on twitter. Than has increased readership a little.

But I have put no ads at all on my site. I don't get too many real comments. I get a bunch of weird spam comments that I delete. But it is easy to know the difference between the spam comments and real ones. If I didn't set the software to allow me to review comments, in other words, to allow all comments to come in to automatically post, this blog would be inundated with ridiculous spam postings. That's one weird thing that I don't like about this - it's creepy. So I keep the setting on this blog that makes me have to approve any comments, which is less than ideal. But if you saw the crap that comes in through the comments, both volume and content, you would understand better. It would ruin the blog.

But I love to write. I think individuals who like to write should write. It is through writing and reading that we learn a lot of core information. Blogs are a good way to both record your writing and put it out there for someone to stumble upon. So I encourage everyone to start one up and keep writing.