Akin and politics

In the weeks leading up to the Missouri republican primary, candidates ran TV ads on WPSD, the NBC affiliate out of Paducah, which we get on our antennae. It was quite a primary campaign. It even featured Sarah Palin - and not for Akin - for a female candidate that campaigned as being more conservative than Akin. But Akin won.

Since then, WPSD has aired a few ads either by or on behalf of both candidates. The ads on behalf of Akin try to tie McCaskill to Obama, and the ads on behalf of McCaskill try to protray Akin as being conservative out of the mainstream.

In light of the last 5 days, one would have to honestly say that McCaskill's ads have proven to be more accurate.

I honestly didn't even know that republicans were trying to cut a fine line between different kinds of rape, and whether or not they deserved to have the right to an abortion based on the type of rape they received. That was an eye-opener for me. It seems hard for me to believe that they have the nerve to say that, especially considering that the "female" vote is one of the crucial parts of the campaign.

I think the media has been overplaying the republicans' chances to take the senate and win the presidency anyway. I think that as the campaign gets closer to the election date, that more and more people will tune in, and they will choose Obama. What I find interesting and somewhat definitive is the fact that Karl Rove is pulling out his money. That in and of itself, if it happens, is a lot of tea leaves to read in the tea cup of the Missouri race. And those tea leaves are not those of the tea party.