Sunday News Shows, 09/09/12

Actually it's been a whole week of politics, with the democratic convention followed by the Sunday News Shows. Meet the Press followed up the democrats by what has to be described as a pretty rare interview with Mitt Romney.

Romney was with his wife, Ann, as they spoke with David Gregory. Romney didn't come off that good. He couldn't give a straight answer on what deductions he was going to close for rich americans, and he equivocated on his opposition to the so-called "Obamacare," saying that there were parts of it that he was going to keep in. Oh yeah? Didn't he say that his first action was going to be to repeal it? See, his problem is that the more he talks, the more he reinforces the idea that he has no core - that he will say whatever he needs to in a particular moment.

During the NBC news morning today, they did mention that early polling was showing a "small" bump in the polls for Obama, but by the evening news, the reporting seemed to be that it was a pretty substantial uptick. It isn't surprising.

I just have to repeat my dislike of Mort Zuckerman as a television political talking head. He's nothing more than a hack who happens to have some money and is trying to protect it. He is way off the wall. What the hell is an "inverse of a failure" if not a success?

I made my prediction months ago about the election, and I haven't changed my mind yet. I think Obama is on his way to a landslide - much like Reagan did. The sealer on the deal will be strong jobs reports in the next two months.

One thing I wonder why the democrats didn't talk about more is how these big corporations are flush with cash, but aren't hiring. Gee, could it be that the heads of these corporations are republicans, don't want to chip in a little more to help the country, and thus, don't want to do anything, even if it might benefit the nation, that might be perceived as helping Obama.

Their little strategy may come crashing down if Obama wins a substantial victory. I guess it's a little too soon to completely rule out that big money can buy the election, but it may actually turn out that the party with the most money won't win. That's a hard one to believe, but it could happen.