What a 10 days

It's been 10 days since I posted anything. Wow, what a 10 days, too. Everything from hurricane Sandy to playing at the Bluebird Cafe. The Bluebird performance went well I think. The storm is an incredible thing to happen. Makes the Bluebird Cafe seem a little unimportant.

Nevertheless, the Bluebird seemed to be impacted by increased interest because of its use as a scene in the new "Nashville" TV series on ABC. I've never seen the show because we can't get ABC since we went digital. But a lot of people seem to have seen it and are intrigued. We got there at 5:20pm, they opened the doors at 5:45 and we were some of the last to get seats. The place was full all night.

The first hour was a young woman named Daisey Mallory. She had an excellent band, and for a 20 year old she did a great set. I would like to see her expand her subject matter of her lyrics a little, but she certainly has great potential to advance in the art.

The "pro" songwriter that finished the songwriter's showcase was Paul Sikes. During this year, Hoda Kotb was in Nashville and went to the Bluebird and heard him. He is very very good, and she liked him and had him on the Today Show. Since then, his career has advanced, as one might imagine, and part of that was getting to do the pro spot at the Sunday night Bluebird showcase. He referred to the Bluebird as "hallowed ground" for songwriters. He did an excellent set.

Right about the time that was happening, the east coast was being pummelled by this monster storm. It's so untimely in so many ways, that it is uncanny that it happened. The overall mood of the nation has really changed over this. And it comes right before the election. How this will affect the election remains to be seen. Impacts could be from not being able to get to the vote, to having to keep track of the vote by means not anticipated a couple weeks ago.

Overall, I think Obama is doing all that he can. Romney doesn't really know what to do. He's like a caged tiger. He wants to pounce but he knows that if he does, it could really backfire. So the nation is fixated on the east and the welfare of millions of people, but the hourglass doesn't stop in counting down to the election. It's surreal.

I think and hope that Obama will win the election. I have previously predicted a wide margin of victory. Romney has proved to be a very tough campaigner - elusive and loose with the facts - and thus, able to change his color to match his background. He's very very good at it. But I still think that Obama will win, and that it won't be quite as close as some pundits are calling.