Sunday News Shows, 11.04.12 and now the day before the election

I watched the Sunday News shows yesterday. The pundits are saying that it is too close to call but that it "leans" toward Obama. My question is if it is so even, then why, whenever they show photos of people standing in line to early vote, that it seems to be mostly minorities and others who are identifying themselves as democrats in long long lines? There seems to be a disconnect there, but I guess we will see.

Now it's the day before the election. A worst case scenario for Obama, short of losing, is to win the electoral college and lose the popular vote. I don't think that will happen. In fact, I still think that the margin will be greater in Obama's favor than the pundits are admitting to at this time. I guess we will see. Turnout will be everything. But more than turnout is whether or not everyone that is eligible to vote and wants to vote will get to vote and will have their vote counted fairly. Sadly, I don't have full confidence that will happen.