I was a lot closer to right than most


Back after the Iowa primary, I predicted an Obama landslide. I predicted it because I said that the republicans would be split. I think more of that went on than the pundits are wanting to talk about. Nevertheless, over the course of the last year, I have revisited that prediction several times, and never abandoned it. The very last prediction, which I made within the last couple weeks, I, in the face of the incessant polls showing the race much closer than it ended up, I hedged a bit, stating that I felt that, if nothing else, Obama's margin of victory would be greater than the pundits were saying. I was very much right about that.

And now the republicans are stating that all Obama has to do to "compromise" with them is for Obama to accept "new revenue" as being in the form of "closing loopholes and deductions." Yet that is the very position that lost the election. How can they seriously put that up as their position shows how suicidal that party is becoming.

Mitch McConnell is disgraced all the way around. Not only did he fail in his own stated "number one goal" of limited Obama to one term, he lost ground in the senate when he was supposed to possibly pick up the majority. On top of that, he made an unfortunate and hostile statement to Obama on election night when it is clear that the electorate is begging for more cooperation. It's time the republicans get a new senate minority leader.