Sunday news shows 11.18.12

I didn't find anything earthshaking in the Sunday News shows. Of course, the shows were full of Petraeus, but seemed to focus more on the Libya attack than his personal problems. The media wants to know if there is anything there that might cause more serious problems for the administration. And then there is the issue over Susan Rice and whether or not she would be nominated and confirmed when and if Hillary Clinton steps down as Secretary of State. (I'm sure Obama wishes she would just stay on, but a person can only do so much).

One of the more interesting moments was David Gregory's interview with Sen. Lindsay Graham. Obama had specifically mentioned him and McCain in his press conference this week and referred to their questioning of Rice's public statements on the Libya attacks as "outrageous."

But Graham definitely doubled down on his bet. He firmly said that he going after Obama and the administration big time on this. It's a bit risky for Graham, but he doesn't have that much to lose, except face. He may do that. Nevertheless, the whole way that the Libya attack has been portrayed and publicized by the administration is weird. There are some questions that ought to be answered. I guess we will see if anyone can really find out. It's very sad too, because everyone seems to speak highly of the late ambassador, which undoubtedly makes his loss particularly unfortunate.