catching up - - - again

It's been nearly a month since I have written in my blog. A lot has happened politically, locally, nationally and internationally. The environment is becoming more and more discussed, although it still isn't getting the real attention that it should.

Boehner has proven himself to be a great foil for the democrats, and I'm sure the dems are glad to have him back as speaker if they have to have a republican in this kind of political climate. I heard Nancy Pelosi on an interview a day or so ago on NPR and she seems so much brighter and on top of the issues than what the republicans are giving the nation. Even with gerrymandering the republicans could lose the house. That's what it may take, a large majority may decide that one party government is the only way to get anything done.

I still don't understand why the big time media is not picking up on the Krugman rational for additional stimulus and less frenzy about the deficit. Krugman correctly points to the ultra low interest rates on US Treasury bill, bonds, and the like as proof that the world is not worrying much about whether or not the US will pay our bills. He has to be right, because would you invest in a party with almost no return if the risk were really really high that you might lose your money? Yet the media keeps acting like the deficit is a really really horrible thing. Sure, it can't go on forever, but if you are looking strictly at numbers of jobs, and perhaps pay-level, and not considering the type of jobs or the environmental effects, if you spend more money you should create more jobs. That distributes money among more people, which allows more people to spend, which distributes it even more.

It's the republicans who are trying to make such a huge deal out of the deficit. Yet it has increased while they were in power also. Consider the source. And while I don't find Krugman warm and cuddly, he seems closer to right to me than Mara McGuiness. Yet she continues to get a lot of air time and I don't see Krugman that much on the stations I watch, which admittedly are few.

If the republicans try to block the debt ceiling, Obama is going to issue an executive order. I'm sure it already written and only has to be tailored to the facts of the situation. That will trigger something. I think Obama will ultimately get his way for the moment. How the republicans handle all of this may significantly influence their place in national politics for the foreseeable future. Right now they are very divided.

Happy New Year.