saw a whiporwill this morning

Today is April 5, 2016. The spring here is advancing, but in a very slow advance. We aren't rushing from winter to summer. Well, we really didn't have a lot of harsh winter - the winter was pretty moderate. But there were a number of really heavy rainfalls. We are having days where the afternoons, when they are sunny, are mild, but the mornings are cool.

For the most part, it is staying above freezing, but nights are getting down close. But the bloomers aren't waiting around. They are moving ahead with vigor. It is beautiful! This morning, though, I saw something I think is a bit surprising. When I was heading to work this morning about 5:50 am, I saw two small red glows ahead on the side of the road. I thought to myself, that looks a lot like a whiporwill. As I approached, I realized that I was right, and when I got close enough, I could actually see that it was a whiporwill. It flew up and away in my headlights as I got close enough.

Now I haven't heard one sing yet, but I definitely saw one! Seems a bit early to me.