I haven't written about politics for a bit, and so much has gone on, and I need to write about it because that is what I write about mostly.

And I guess it would be proper for me to talk about the dems first, since that is more my leaning. Hillary and Bernie! The way I look at it, not a bad choice. A hell of a lot better than the reps. But we'll get to that later. I guess the one thing that the Hillary and Bernie contest has shown us is that Hillary's baggage is much heavier than anyone thought.

Don't get me wrong - she is carrying it as well as she can - but Bernie, he's gotten a lot less media scrutiny over a much shorter time than Hillary. Very few politicians are still standing after such sustained onslaughts for some many years. But the fact is, that a lot of people, more than I really realized, just want somebody different than Hillary.

Where those folks will probably fail, is that females know what it is like to break glass ceilings. The realization is going to set in that finally a woman has made it through this incredible obstacle course, and has a great chance to become president. I think that is going to generate a momentum of its own. That is, if she can get that far.

Bernie, Bernie Bernie! Dang, we love you! You are awesome. Just don't screw up and allow all those young people to get away just cause they don't completely get their way this time. And surely you can any job you want in the administration? If not, then I'm not sure Hillary deserves the nomination.

But Clinton has a big job trying to convince the Sanders' supporters to vote for her. It's going to take both Sanders and Obama out there on the campaign trail, and even that won't be enough if something horrible happens, like a document or film that shows Clinton saying something that she shouldn't have said - or, in the regard to the 800 lb. gorilla in the room, whether or not she gets indicted, which I don't think she will, but until she is cleared, no one knows for sure. But assuming she isn't indicted, and the dems come together at the convention, even nominally, Hillary will have a great chance to be the first female president.

Can you imagine what the reps are going thru? Either Trump or a meltdown. What a choice? I mean, in the history of competitions, there are certainly examples of teams that were way favored to win and blew it. The dems could. But, there are also plenty of examples of heavily favored teams winning - probably more than not.
Hillary will prove whether or not she should get the White House by manuevering these obstacles in the weeks to come. If she can't, then she probably shouldn't be the first woman president.

But the reps - their prospects are so dim. Either they nominate Trump or split the party up big time. What a choice? I mean, the election is the dems to lose right now. By that I don't mean to suggest that they are peaking too soon because no one is peaking in this atmosphere. It's a race to see who fails the least in the months to come. But the dems could screw up and lose it. But I don't think they will.